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Over the weekend I stopped by Target to check out the latest Spring Fashion.  I gave myself a budget if I was going to purchase anything.  Also if I was going to purchase anything it needed to be an outfit so I could wear once together and mix with other pieces. Which is a motto mom would always tell me when I go shopping. I went to the store looking for a dress but they didn't have any of the dresses that I saw online.  So, I opted to try on a pair of jeans and tops

Wrap Top
I was looking at the mannequins and saw this cute wrap top because I'm a huge fan of wrap tops. Wraps tops can be dressed up or dressed down. When I'm shopping for wrap tops I want to make sure they're not too revealing and making sure it fits my girls properly. Luckily this top came with a button to keep my girls in place.

I tried on two different pairs of jeans during my session. In my closet, I do have plenty of skinny jeans so I wanted to branch out to and try a different fit.  I tried on the Skinny Jeans  Light Wash and  High Rise Straight Leg Jeans. Both pairs of jeans had an amazing fit, not too tight or loose. I can remember trying on a pair of Ava and Viv jeans a couple months ago but I couldn't purchase them because they didn't have a tag.  They were the perfect fitting jeans but I was so sad I couldn't get them. But this time I wanted to leave the store with at least one pair. 

These items are just the surface of what Target has to offer for Spring. Also, don't be afraid to try out a pair of jeans from Ava and Viv. They tend to have deals on their jeans often so be on the lookout. Be sure to follow along to see what outfit I chose. 

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