It's My 29th Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, I made it another year by the grace of GOD. My 28th year on this earth brought me so many lessons.  I do my best to celebrate every year because let's be honest not everyone makes it to their 29th birthday. I had big plans to bring on my 29th birthday but just like 27th birthday, things didn't work out like the way I thought they would.

My 27th birthday, my best friend and I had plans to go to Charlotte, North Carolina for a girl's trip. We purchased this amazing Air Bnb and planned out our whole weekend. But the Sunday before my trip I caught the FLU!  Let me tell you I was so bummed out about it all. I got my hair braided, purchased cute outfits and etc. Just to get the flu and I wasn't able to get to the full refund back.

Fast forward to 2020, COVID- 19 arrived canceling everything. I'll be honest I've been a bit uneasy about everything that has been happening but my tribe and my amazing fiance has helped me keep calm. I've unplugged from news articles for a while. I'm practicing precautions you know, washing my hands, using sanitizer, using Lysol and practicing social distancing.

I planned to have a glam shoot but I couldn't see myself out and about taking pics when we're trying to flatten the curve for the virus. So I purchased some balloons and put on my birthday dress.

I  was getting a bit frustrated during the shoot but I took a break and pushed through. That is one lesson I learned this year. That when things get rough or overwhelming take a break. Step back and breathe. There were so many other lessons I learned during year 28:

  1. Live your truth
  2. It's okay to let go
  3. Growing sometimes hurts
  4. You're more of a friend to some people you call friends
  5. Speak your truth even if your voice shakes 
  6. I like what I like and it's okay who doesn't
  7. Don't allow anyone to put their insecurities on you
  8. Check yourself to make sure you're not the toxic one
  9. Check yourself to see if you can handle the situation differently 
  10. Apologize
  11. Stop questioning your abilities
  12. If they left out of your life with no explanation leave it at that

What I'm looking forward to at 29

  1. Getting Married
  2. Starting a new life with Timothy
  3. Growing my business
  4. Starting something new
  5. Traveling
  6. Creating more memories
  7. Cooking more
  8. Trying new things

Take care,


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