My 5 Tips On Blogging In 2018 (Updated)

A New Year has come and you're probably starting a blog or looking for some inspiration to bring in some new content for your blog. Many people probably think bloggers just take pictures and post them but there is so much more put into when it comes to putting together content for a blog post.

I want to share some tips that I use when it comes to planning content for my blog. 

Research & Invest

Before I create an outfit for a blog post or come up with a project for my blog I do my research. Looking in magazines for inspiration, Pinterest, Instagram, movies, and etc. When I create a blog post I want each post to have a purpose.  I can remember when I  first started blogging I would just blog because I saw others blogging about the same topic.  Not realizing they were getting paid or sponsored to blog about it.

Look for fun and new ways to keep your readers coming back to your blog. Freshen up your content so you won't get bored with talking about the same thing over and over.

Also look for new ways to LEVEL UP your blog and brand. Every chance you get you should want to evolve your business and brand.

Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule helps out tremendously when it comes to creating content. This will help you from being overwhelmed and ahead of the game.  I  like to use my planner and create drafts that help me stay on top of what's next.

Be Prepared

There have been plenty of times when I had style shoot and I ended up leaving things at home that I needed. Simply because I wasn't prepared and I didn't plan ahead. Now my starting this year my task is to prepare a month before or the week before a style shoot.  I write down everything that I need and hang it up on my clothing rack. That way when it is time to shoot I have my looks together. Also if something needs to be ironed or washed makes sure that I wash it a week before.

Also if you are taking photos with your own camera, make sure your camera is charged and ready for the shoot.

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready!

Rest But Don't Quit

There is NOTHING  wrong with resting. But if you find yourself burnt out, take a break. Use that time to re-evaluate your brand and blog strategy. Don't try and keep up with everyone else. Work at your own pace because what is yours will alway be YOURS.  Whenever you feel like quitting remember why you started.


It's still a thing! Remember to remain who you are and let your voice be heard. Never mind what everyone else is doing, just DO YOU BOO!  There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other creatives but remember who YOU are and stay true to that.  Don't be fooled by what you see on social media you're just getting highlights reels. 

Also don't get caught up with numbers, likes, and followers. It's not worth the hassle but for sure a headache. Your followers don't define your blog content either. With the new algorithm, it's even harder for bloggers with a larger following to grow. 

With that being said I hope you all have an awesome start to your New Year and remember that this is  YOUR journey.   If you want some more motivation to stay tuned for more to come!

Happy Blogging,
Until Next Time,


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