Here's Why You Should Say YES to Something New

On Saturday I volunteered at a Graphic Design class with Thee Goal Slayer- Charlenia Synder.   I was so excited because lately, I've been thinking about adding some new skills under my belt. When I saw the chance to volunteer and attend the class I didn't want to pass it up. This year I want to try something new whether its attending events, trying a new restaurant, yoga, dancing, etc

In this class, we learned about using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I've only really played around with Photoshop and Lightroom.  It was great to learn some different techniques that can help me with content creation and maybe helping others with it as well.

Say "Yes"! 

 I know I said my goal is to try something new every month. But there are times when I get the opportunity, I tend to talk myself out of it.  I start thinking about what could wrong and it all trickles down the hill from there.  I challenge you from this day on to say "YES":

  • To finishing what you started
  • Being consistent
  • Choosing YOU
  • Trying something new
  • Attend that workshop or class
  • Travel 
  • Reach out to that company
No matter the outcome of you saying YES to whatever it is, just know you took a chance. You took a step of faith and did something new. You can look back on it and say well at least I tried.  I pray you to give yourself a chance to SAY YES  this year!

Until Next Time,


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