4 Influencer Marketing Trends To Try In 2020

Are you ready to take your brand to another level? Still stuggling to with growing your IG Platform or brand? Believe me that was me,  towards the last two quarters of the year my enagagement on IG dropped and I was totally frustrated. I didn't know what to do next. I vowed that I woud do my research and figure out the marketing trends for the New Year. Just like how I like how I look up fashion trends for the season. 

Think About It
While I was getting my degree last year I can remember doing resarch about  companies that went out of business because they couldn't keep up. By keeping up I mean staying up to date with marketing trends and willing to transistion their business. Even if they did, their campaigns didn't do that well. Which led them to bow out of their business ventures.  Some of those companies did do well with transisitoning their marketing  trends and are doing pretty well with their businesses. 

Now it's time to think about you! What are you doing to keep up with the marketing trends for the New Year? Think about it these trends change just about everyday. Instagram's alagorithm has changed at least 3 times last year. Here are some tips you can you use to stay ahead of the game as a blogger, business owner, influencer,etc.

Level Up

1. Press Record
 If you've been on the social media scene for a while now, you've heard people say CONTENT IS KING... Yes that's still true but in 2020, VIDEO Content will be king.  Creating videos adds another level your content. Wether it's a Try On Haul, Mini Vlog, How To,Behind The Scences etc. This type of content is what will bring awarness to your brand.  Think about how much we loved watching musc videos back in the early 2000's. Start thinking about how you create your content using videos.

2.  Think Beyond Likes
Likes  will not be the focus anymore! With Instagram working on removing likes, it's time to think outside the box. Brands will focus more on engagemnet  comapared to how many likes you have. Well lets think about it anyone can buys likes right but they cant buy REAL ENGAGEMNENT!  This means you're going to have to create content worth engaging with.  If you want to work with brands they're going to me more interested in if your enagagement. If they were to offer you a campaign how welll will do with. Being that they wont be able to see your likes, they may ask for your data. Ex: how many likes, views, clicks etc. You need to be comfortable sharing that information because they want to make sure they're getting their worth.

3. Value
Yes creating content with some substance and value!   It's time to take a step backa breath and just be real. Authenticity is what audiences want, no more fluff!  I like sharing and seeing bloggers sharing their Instagram vs Reality videos because it shows that it took hard work and dedication for their work. People admire those who are willing to share the real deal.  Be willing to share your curated pictures but keep it real in your captions. Also remember to share on your stories! I have no problem getting on my IG stories with my hair in two puffs and no makeup because I'm not glam all  THE time honey!

4.  Micro & Nano Influencers On The Way UP

If you have less than 10,000 followers don't worry brands are watching keep doing the work. They find working with micro influencers because of the high engagements rates.  This is a great marketing strategy for  businesses,  no matter your niche. So don't get discourged and think because you have smaller numbers that you cant work with brands because it can happen.

Now I'm pretty sure there are more tips out there, but after doing my research these are the tips that stood out to me  the most.  I also want to remind you that these trends change through out the year  and you have to be willing to put in the work.  If you're still not seeing the fruits of your labor, step back and try  something different.  Remember to study your anayltics to figure when is the best time to post and how well your post or campaign finished.  I like to check my analytics a week from when I  intially posted to see if that timing did well. I hope this blogpost gave you so insight of whats to come for the 2020! I'll be back with more tips through out the year!  Follow me on IG for more tips #ijtuesdaytips


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