3 Steps You Can Take After Publishing Your Blogpost

Last week  I shared 5 Apps That I Use To Create Content and from the looks of it you guys loved it! So I'm going to keep up with my Tuesday Tips when it comes to content creating. Let's think about it what after you hit the Publish button to share your content what do you? Do you just sit back and watch your work magically work for you? Well just so you know, hitting the publish button isn't it, there's more to do after that. There are at least  3  steps you can take after your publish your content. These steps are beneficial to you becoming  a better blogger and taking your skills to the next level across the board on all platforms.

Promote & Share

When it comes to being a blogger or content creator there's more to just publishing your content. In order to get your content out to your audience, it's time to promote. Think, what social media sharing platforms are you using to share your content?  For me, I  use Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.  Remember when using those platforms, make sure your content promotion fits the platform.  Creating a Carousel of photos on IG won't work on Pinterest or Facebook.   We tend to rely on Instagram to promote our businesses, but remember that Instagram is another source to share your content. As we learned last year, Instagram can be shut down at any minute.

  • Promote as many times as you can. Ex. If I make a blogpost on Tuesday Morning and share it on my platforms that same day I tend to share those posts 4 times that week and 1 more time the next week just in case someone missed a post. 

How Did Your Post Do?

So you  hit publish, promoted your content, well how did you do?  To see how  well blogpost or content finished, you need to check your analytics. Here are a few things to look for : How many views did you get on your blog post? What platform drove your readers to your content? Need I say more, these are the type of questions can help you understand how well your post did. 
You can also get a better understanding of who your audience is. Instagram is has a good view of your analytics. Most of your platforms now have analytics for your post.  If you're comfortable complete a Poll on IG and ask your audience if they enjoyed that specific content.

  • I suggest checking your analytics a 2 to 4 days after your posting to see how well it did. This can also give you insight on how well that conent piece did and when you should post it.


Yes you can re-blog your blogpost! This is for your new readers and old readers to view your content. Also you may want to update your content to fit current situations.  One of the content pieces that I find myself re-blogging the most are my style content pieces.  Also, If you find yourself stuck with creating content,  re-blogging your old content  is a great way to gain your inspiration back.  Along re-blogging your post on your blog, be sure to promote this content on your other platforms.

  • Rebloging Ideas:  Valentine's Day is coming up and I plan on re-blogging my Valentine's Day Style post from last year. This way my new viewers can  read the post and I can add other pieces to the post as well.
  • How To Re-blog: You can ask your viewers to view the blogpost by searching for the Title or you can change the date on the blogpost to the date when you want to be reposted. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you! Just know that  hitting PUBLISH is half the battle. If you want to reach your audicence  and a newer auidence, you can't be afraid to go the extra mile. I can't wait to share what's next for Tuesday Tips.

Until Next Time,


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