Just Engaged, Now What? Let's Plan With Basic Invite

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  So many festivities are happening around the holiday season and one of the many things that do happen is proposals. My fiancĂ© proposed to me on December 23 of last year and we'll be getting married next year of November 2020! We had planned on an engagement party but passed up the opportunity to do so. But I do wish that we did because if we did my first thought would’ve been how are we going to get out the information to family and friends. I mean we could’ve sent then online but I think receiving a letter or invite in the mail would mean so much more. If you're like me, currently engaged, it's defiantly time to start planning. 

Now that you’re engaged it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make your big announcement.  Are you going to throw an engagement party or just send out the announcement to friends and family who missed out? Basic Invite has a wide range of invitations from your Engagement Party Invites for your big announcement to invites for the Big Day.  Maybe you're throwing an I DO BBQ, Brunch or just make an announcement, Basic Invite has invites that fits your occasion. Not so Basic Huh? You can completely customize your invites to the design of the invite to your envelope. I mean who wouldn’t want to customize their invites with the colors for their wedding.  If you want to see how your invitation will look before you send it out you can order Custom Samples. You have the ability to order your invitation to see the card’s paper quality and how it will print before your final order.  I know that can help take some stress away from the ordering process.  

So we have your engagement invites in order, we can't forget about the big day.
For your Big Day, Basic Invite also  offers

Free Wedding websites. I love wedding websites and I think every bride should create one. I think it’s another way to keep your family and friends in the loop about the wedding.  Basic Invite offers Free Customizable Wedding Websites where you can upload images, all your wedding details along with important maps for the big day. Basic Invite also offers over 900 Wedding Invitations and if you don’t want the hassle of ordering separate items, they offer wedding sets. The wedding invitation sets come with  Save The Dates, Wedding Menus, Wedding Programs and matching Thank you cards.  I mean how much less of a hassle it that for you.  I can’t forget about the address collection which sounds very helpful. Just think that you can collect addresses by sharing one link with family and friends. You’ll also receive FREE envelope printing.  Last but not least Basic Invite Offers Seal and Send Invitations. This is another hassles-free task  that makes sending out invitations pretty Basic

I can't wait to hear all about what invite you chose from Basic Invite!

Be sure to stay in the look with Basic Invite!

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