4 Ways To Make Through The Holidays

Happy Holidays! I know this time of year everyone is out shopping, spreading holiday cheer, looking forward to opening gifts and spending time with family. But I'll be honest not everyone is looking forward to the holidays. Around this time many people are faced with depression and are feeling alone.

I'll admit Christmas 2017,  I was in a funk. I just couldn't get it in the Christmas Spirit. Every little thing had me angry or emotional. I just felt stuck where I was at in life. But things did get better for me, my family from Arkansas came down and my nephew was christened. It wasn't the normal routine Christmas I was used to having and I loved it. I surrounded myself with my family and made the best of it.  The more I went out and created my own memories the more I felt better.

I know we all have different situations but I hope these tips will help you during the holidays. Even on days when you're feeling down.

1.Create New Traditions

My fiance' and I went to see a local light festival twice that year. We also visit a local  Christmas  Tree at a local park just to hang out. Creating new traditions and experiences will bring so much joy. When we get stuck in the old ways we get bored and don't want to do anything at all.  So get out trying something new. Attend a workshop, visit a new restaurant, buy new decorations, etc. Do something out of the ordinary.

2.  Journal
Write down how you're feeling and your thoughts. Even on good days write down how you're feeling so you can go back to those days when you're feeling down. Journaling is very therapeutic and it'll help let up your thoughts and feelings.

3. Take A Break Off Social Media
Scrolling and watching everyone's highlight reel and really put you in a mood.  Remember that people only share what they want to.  Don't let it get to you. Instagram and even the iPhone allows you to put a limit on how long you've been on social media. Utilize that tool and don't get caught up in scrolling.                                                                                                                                        

4. Reach Out
Reach out to your friends or loved ones to check on them. Maybe even let them know how you're feeling and they can help you. They may be in need of a plus one for a party and you may be the one to fill the void.

Just know that you're not alone during this time of year or anytime. I know the feeling and I know I felt much better when I started to create my own happiness. Don't sit around waiting for others to fill that void for you. Get out of the house and make the best of your day.  Life is so short and you're still here living and breathing. I know it's easier said than done but just take the first step and the rest will follow.


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