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Well, what do you know the one year mark has come for our wedding date. I can't believe on this date next year I'll be walking down the aisle with my dad to meet Timothy at the altar. We'll be surrounded by people who we love and love us dearly. I'll be honest I scaled back on wedding planning because I thought I was going too fast. But at that time I created a timeline for the wedding planning so I can stay on top of it.

Looking at the timeline that I created, this month up until February I should create a draft for the guest list, finding photographers, videographers and our officiant.  Luckily we have our photographer and videographer in place. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we'll be drafting our guest list. We decided to scale back on the number of guests because we want it to be somewhat intimate. Also to save money and not go over our budget. We're still looking to finalize our officiant but our venue does have a  wide-range of officiants that are known to marry couples at the venue.  We also need to take our Glam Engagement photos which will go on our save the dates and used decorations at the wedding.

If you read my post back July you saw that I changed my mind about my dress that I said yes to back in May.  This means I have to add that back on my list of things to do but it's all good because I think I found one again. I just have to set up an appointment with my mom and best friend. If want to see why I changed mind and other previous updates, Click Here!

On Sunday we took some fun photos with photographer Rachel. She was doing a model call for a couple to take fun photos so I jumped on it so quickly. I want to have plenty of photos to show our family, kids, and grandkids.  I can't wait to see those once they get edited. I also tried on a few wedding dresses at a local boutique for an upcoming trunk show and I fell in love with this one dress. I think that place maybe it for me to look for my dress!

Wedding Inspo

Glam Engagement Photos

Wedding Dress Inspo:

Wedding Cake Inspo
Table Decor Inspo

Wedding Day Hair Inspo ( I'm really considering wearing my natural hair)

*All photos courtesy of Pinterest

I'm hoping to share more updates on the blog as we get even closer! If it doesn't reach the blog then you can follow me on IG:

To-Do List for The Next Three Months:

1. Draft Guest List
2. Choose an Officiant
3. Finalize Photographer and Videographer
4. Continue to Add money to Dress savings
5. Help Timothy create gifts  to propose to his Groomsmen

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  1. Loved the article and can’t wait to enjoy this journey with you.


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