Life Lessons At Starbucks

Two weeks ago, Starbucks released its Holiday Drinks and I was soo excited. I woke up early so I could stop by to pick up a drink and a reusable cup before work. My plan was to purchase an iced coffee and 2019 re-usable because that’s what I did last year. But my plan was changed quickly.

Once I got to the register to order a drink I let the cashier know what I wanted but he looked at me very strangely. He stated that I couldn’t purchase a reusable cup. I was a little taken back, so I mentioned to him that I purchased one last year. He then said yes I know but our manager made it clear to us that we’re not allowed to sell them, only give them away with the purchase of a holiday drink.   Whew child, I was so upset, because my plan was thrown off. I was so upset, so I ordered my iced coffee and left.   

Once I got in the car I said to myself, "Ireana how could you have handled that differently." Then a light bulb went off, I could’ve gotten a drink that I got last year, Caramel Brulee’.  But I was so mad that I didn’t even think it through all the way. I started thinking about a lot of situations that happened over the past few months. 

 Many things have changed from my job, relationships, blogging, etc. I’ve been so used to saying “ Oh I’ve always done it this way or it happened last year”  that mentality has had me stuck and not adjusting to what’s going on. This year has taught me that I need to adjust to change and not go against it. That even if I don’t like the change, it’s all a part of the growing process.  NO, it doesn't feel good at all, but the pain is apart of growing and healing.  I also have to remind myself that I am human and my feelings are valid. But not to get to so worked up over it because change is for the better. 

As for this look, I took this dress from the Spring and gave it a Fall/ Winter twist.  Which why I buy statement pieces similar to this dress because I can style them in many different seasons.  I only had a chance to wear it once a time in the  Spring so I was excited to bring this out for a fun shoot.

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