WE Brunch Self-Care-Recap + OOTD

On Sunday I attend the WE Brunch which would be my third time attending one of Monique Hill’s brunches.   But this one was different, I don’t know what is was about this particular brunch. But I left there feeling refreshed and powerful (no cliches).  The topic of the brunch was Self- Care and let me tell you it was just what I needed during this season in my life. 

Let me give you a quick run down of the brunch:

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I sat at the table with some amazing women and entrepnuers.  We laughed, talked and ate some delicious food from catered by the hotel. If you saw my last post from the previous WE Brunch you would know how good the food is at Hotel Indigo. 

The Panel

Panel Hosted By: Deya Patterson : Dr. Cerrisa Hugie, Mrs. Lavonda Murphy, Ms. Sarah Rose, Ms. Deona Smith

 This was such a powerful panel each women answered questions with so much knowledge and wisdom. When I tell you they dropped so many gems during this panel, I had to write really fast to write down everything they were saying.

Here are a few blurbs that I caught:
  • Lavonda mentioned that we should remembered these three statements to live by " I will, I can and No". Yes she said we should say "No" more often if we find ourselves say YES. That can be no to helping, no to a toxic conversation etc. 
  •  "Validate within yourself"- LaVonda
  • "Be, Do, Have"= Be Who We Need To Be, Do What We Need To Do, and We Will Have What We Need. Sarah mentioned that we think we need HAVE all these things before we can BE and Do what need to do.  She said we need to FLIP THE SWITCH SIS!
  • " Be bold, Step Back , Be Certain and Tell Them Who You Are."
  • "Don't get caught up in the labels of life.  Just because they you grew up being called strong person doesn't mean you can't be weak. "
  • " Self-care is what works for you."
  •  The question was" " How Do We Put Ourselves Back On" :Love yourself first, Communicate, Ask yourself what's happening with me ,Handle your emotions"
  • Make Time for yourself
  • Have A Village

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My Outfit

 I felt so fierce and sexy in this outfit! I feel like sometimes I can put myself in a box when it comes to styling myself for events. But now I'm all about wearing what's in my closet instead of always buying new things when I have a new event.   My top is a bodysuit that I got last year from Forever 21. The color just screams fall and makes me want to play De' Angelo "Brown Sugar".

As for my skirt, I got this from Eloquii back in 2017. I would see these skirts all over Pinterest and found one for a good price.  I never get a chance to wear this skirt out only for pictures but on Sunday I put it to the test.


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