Lane Bryant Try-On Haul

On Saturday I stopped by Lane Bryant to see what they have in store. I'm currently trying not to spend too much money on clothes with wedding planning in the picture and trying to save up for a place in the new year. But with working my part-time job I've been able to have a little play money on the side.  When I went to the store I wanted to try on some fun pieces but only found a few that stood out. I didn't find anything worth purchasing at the moment. Here's what I tried on:

1. Leopard Print Dress

 This was the only fun piece that stood out to me. I tried it on because I’ve been the latest leopard print train. This dress fits perfectly in all the right places. The only thing is that I have to find a place to go to rock this dress.

2. Double V-Neck Tee  and Allie Tailored Stretch Ankle Pants

Simple tops like this one are perfect because you style them in different ways. I wanted to see how it would look with these pants. I also see these pants are trending right now but I didn't like color. Maybe because I had the wrong undergarments on.

3. Yellow Jumpsuit

I gave this a try just for the fun of it, but I was disappointed. ALL of my lumps and bumps were showing. The material was a bit too clingy for me and I would hate to size up and it would be way too big.


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