How I Plan My Photoshoots with IGTV Link

I sat on this idea for this content for about a year now. My goal at the beginning of the year was to share how I create my content. But I was afraid people wouldn't be interested in this content.   Even though I talked myself out of it so many times I finally did it!  I was getting stumped on content to share so I had to go back when I first started blogging. 
If you missed my IG-TV video about this topic 

1. Purpose

  •  What is the purpose of this shoot?
  •   What will I focus on in this shoot?
  •  Is this campaign shoot?
  • Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty?

Find a focus point of your shoot, this will keep you going and motivated. If you're just taking photos just to take them it will get boring pretty quick.

Campaign Shoot:
I was sent these accessories and my focus point was getting clear shots of what I was sent. 

Style Segment 
My focus was on showing different looks for Valentine's Day.  This is one of the looks apart of the two look segment.



2. References

  • Saved looks on Instagram
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Create a mood board 
  • This will help with the purpose of your shoot
  • Pinterest can also help you curate content!

Here's a sneak peek of my Fall Style Inspo Board

These references helped me create these looks for my

3. What do I need for the shoot?
Write down a list of items that you will need for your shoot. 
For me I need:
Tripod- for recording behind the scenes 
Make-up for touch-ups or for switching looks
Props: coffee-sunglasses, etc

4. Choose A Location
Choose a location that will compliment your look. 
Think about the time that you will  take photos  just in case it will be crowded in the area
Also, consider the weather for the day.
The best time to shoot is in early am or sunset
If you're having a shoot at home look for natural light
Go to locations: Parking Garage tops, Alleys, Near old buildings.

Don't Forget :

  • If you're going to use a photographer choose one that you are comfortable with
  • Always have a focal point when you're shooting
  • Create a calendar for your content 
  • Have fun!
  • Remember why you started!



  1. I love these tips! Especially the last one “remember why you started”...so important, and too often gets lost in the process!!

    1. Thank you so much! I think it's very important to remember why you started !


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