The New Flex Magic Waistband Denim

I'm always looking for the perfect pair of jeans. My perfect pair of jeans are comfortable, hugs my curves and comes in different styles. I'm a big fan of skinny jeans because you can dress them up and down. I'm also a big fan of Lane Bryant's new Flex Magic Waistband Denim!  Magic incorporated that you never know you needed, until now. Here's what you need to know about the Flex Magic Waistband Denim. 

Flex Magic Waistband Denim

  The Flex Magic Waistband moves with you, whether life takes you, providing all-day comfort in each pair of the new Lane Bryant Jeans.  I find so much comfort in these  Curvy Fit High Rise Jeans.  Nothing too tight or loose, they hug my curves in the right place.   Lane Bryant considered all the women across the world when they created these jeans.  The best about this MAGIC is that it's incorporated into every single pair of Lane Bryant's Jeans. Which are available instore and online! You won't be able to find this technology in other jeans.  Lane Bryant's Flex Magic Waistband uses technology that is exclusive to the brand in bottoms.

Lane Bryant is the authority on denim in sizes 12-28 with over 35 million pairs of the denim sold since 2000. Which means that there are 35 million reasons to try the New Flex Magic Waistband.  Believe me, you'll want to try this magic.  If didn't know Lane Bryant's new assortment of denim is in stores on LaneBryant. com

Check out the NEW Flex Magic Waistband at the Best-Fitting Denim Event on August 17th!
 You're invited to hang out with me at. Northwoods Market Place!  You try on a new pair of denim and enjoy some major savings!

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