Wedding Update: I Changed My Mind

Hey, ya'll I know its been a while with the updates but life has gotten a little crazy!  But I'm excited to say we found our wedding ceremony venue and paid it in full.  It was so exciting to mark another thing off the list. Once we left the venue Timothy said: " This is really happening.." I said "Yes babe it is " I got butterflies all over again. I can't wait for this big day with him and with those who love us!

But I also made another change because I can be really indecisive!  I said yes to the dress back in May but I'm going to try one more place. I figured out the theme of my wedding and I want my dress to compliment it.  This dress I said yes to did but I want to give myself the experience of trying on different dresses from other places. So within the next three months, I want to finalize on a dress.   If all else fails I will stick with the first one I went with.

Wedding Dress Inspo

(Images courtesy of Pinterest )

Wedding Checklist

Here are a few things still on the list to do! We have plenty of time but each month I want to try mark something off the list. We both will be working extra hard to make this big day perfect.
  • Reception Venue- We have a place in mind we're just working on getting it finalized. 
  • Dress Decision - I'm making an appointment to go looking at dresses again sometime in September. I'm not giving up on my first option but if I don't find anything else I will go with my first option.  
  • Cake- I have a cake design in mind and two options so we'll make a final decision sometime in the Winter or Spring. 
  • Caterer- We're still up in the air about the food, so I think that'll come after we finalize the reception hall. 
  • Photographer/ Videographer- I spent all weekend looking for a photographer and I think we found one. We also have a videographer in mind as well. 
  • Transportation- Not finalized just yet.

Stay tuned for  more updates,

Until Next Time,


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