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Hey, ya'll! Last night I shared some information about what I picked up from Cacique by Lane Bryant while at work.  I also let some of you know that I would be sharing some of my picks from Lane Bryant's  Bra Collection. If you didn't know that Lane Bryant sold bras well now you do. From sizes B to a K cup and I'm glad I found my perfect fit. If you never purchased a bra by Cacique make sure you go in to get measured because of each style cuts differently.  Yes, I know you're saying " Girl Lane Bryant is too expensive..." Yes but QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!  I'd rather spend money on a good and supportive bra over one that doesn't have my girls in the right place.  I wear a 46 G and I find these bras to find me the best at Lane Bryant!

1. Balconette

I love this bra because for one it's very comfortable and supportive.  My girls look amazing in this bra and I don't have to worry about them spilling out.  This bra comes in two different styles:

Invisible Backsmoother Balconette 

This happens to a  favorite because of the back smoother. It's me and extra love in the back all together and smooths everything out.

Smooth Lightly Lined Balconette 

This style has the same features as the bra that  I mentioned up above but it doesn't have the same material as for back smoothing.

You'll receive medium coverage with this bra but you'll still be all together.

About this bra, it's EVERYTHING! I love that this bra gives me the extra coverage and I can still keep it sexy.  The full coverage bra comes in different styles as well so here are my two go to's. 

I don't like wearing bras to sleep BUT this bra gets a pass. These bralettes are perfect for sleep, lounging around the house, pairing under an outfit or even a quick run to the store.  I've tried many bralettes but they don't fit like these ones. The trick it to make sure you get your correct size or close to it. There are so many options to choose from. Being that I'm a 46 G I get the largest size in the Bralettes because they range from 14/17 to 26/28.

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Lightly Lined Longline Multi-Way Strapless Bra

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