Getting Out of The Creative Funk

It's a new month and I'm happy to say that I'm out of the creative funk that I've been in. On this journey of blogging, find myself getting stuck. I feel that this happens because its a need to take things to another level of than before. What worked for me and blog my two years ago may not work for me now.   I learned that businesses must evolve with the time to stay relevant or you can fall by the waist side.

I'm not saying that you have to change everything about you or change your ethics or morals. But you have to elevate your thinking.  Change your strategies, trial, and error. For me I had to change my strategies, blog topics, find new ways to bring in income from my brand, etc.  By doing that I felt as if I was slowly coming out of the funk I was in.  I also had to remind myself that....


In order to make these new strategies work, I need to be consistent. I remember trying a new strategy back in March and saw that my Instagram grew tremendously. That is more than enough proof that I was doing something right when it came to my strategies. Here is to challegning myself to take it to the next level and challeging you as well.

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