Creating Our Own Traditions

"Just me and you just us TWO"- Carrie

I'm happy to say we took Spring Engagement Photos.  I questioned myself so many times am I being extra taking two sets of photos. I've seen some couples take photos closer to their wedding date but our wedding isn't until next year. 521 Days to be exact! During this journey,  I'm learning that you create your own story and traditions. I wanted to have Casual Spring and  Glam Fall photos because when we eventually move in together I want to have photos of us around the house. We also could use these photos on the table at the reception as well. I think there are so many options for engagement photos.

After doing a ton of researching on what to wear and what not to wear for engagement photos we came to this look.  It took a lot of convincing Timothy into this color but he gave in. You should've seen the tops he chooses for this shoot. Also, I want to thank Lane Bryant for this dress, because I was stalking for the longest. It was perfect for our Spring shoot.

Like I stated before, this journey has taught me to create our own traditions and story. I want Timothy and me to look back on these photos and cherish them.  I want this to be Timothy and Ireana's love story, no one else's.

Photography: Jennifer Collins Photography 

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  1. I love the way you guys LOVE..Words can't express how much I love the both of you....


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