An Ode To Lizzo

Growing up I didn’t see many women like Lizzo which is a bit disheartening. I would see smaller women as the perfect fit for society. It was as being a plus size woman was taboo or even not worthy of being in the public eye.  I would see women who were on the smaller spectrum say they’re “FAT” and I’m like if you’re “FAT” then I must be a whale. I’ll admit I did have some self-esteem problems growing up. I always felt like I was the bigger friend or taller friend. But I eventually outgrew those issues.  

Fast forward to 2019   where plus size women are “ trending”. But in my eyes, we have always been a topic of discussion.  But many people still see us as not worthy to be loved. Just last week on the shade room they share a smaller guy picking up his girlfriend who is plus size.  Some of the comments were just backward. But the one that stood out the most was “ I CAN’T EVEN GET A TEXT BACK.” Some responded that someone’s size doesn’t matter when it comes to love.  I thought the comment was totally backward, it’s like you’re saying because I’m fat I don’t deserve love. 

Now on to Lizzo, If you haven’t heard her music then you need to. She is so unapologetic and real. She has set her own blazing path and journey. I was so happy that she performed at the BET Awards this past weekend. She killed her performance in her all-white bodysuit.  After the performance, I began scrolling social media to see what people were saying.  I didn’t see any negative comments but just a few people who didn’t know who the girl was twerking with the flute.

But the reason behind the blog post is to thank Lizzo for being who is she is. She gave me my juice back and reminded why I started this blogging journey in the first place. Sometimes I get so caught up in other things I forget my purpose. I want to continue this journey UNAPOLOGETICALLY.  If you’ve been sticking around with me this long I thank you so much!



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