Wedding Update: February 2019

Hey loves! 631 days until I go from Miss to Mrs. I went back and forth about if I wanted to share my journey and updates with you guys. Simply because some people may not care or I’ll feel like I’m talking about the wedding too much. Each month or every other month up until the wedding I’ll share some updates with you guys. It’ll also keep me on track about where I am with everything. Don’t worry I won’t share too much but give you guys some insight about how things are going. 

This month we visited the top wedding venue on our list. We fell in love with it but started to see how quickly everything could add up. So we’re going try other options. Being that we’re both in the process of moving out and planning a wedding we don’t want to break the bank.  We also visited another venue for our plan b option which is having the wedding at a church then a reception somewhere else. This will save us half of our budget and we'll have more room to do other things. 

O n a Sunday afternoon my mom and I attended a Wedding Festival and it was so much fun. I loved seeing all the future brides with loved ones ready to plan their wedding. There were so many businesses there to show off their options for the wedding, receptions, and food.

After all the fun at the festival, I shared with my mom my dilemma about the wedding colors. I’m to say that I finalized the colors and what colors everyone will be wearing. Our next step is to finalize the venue and date.   Check back in at the end of next month for another update. 

Wedding Goals for March and April
  • Secure wedding and venue location 
  • Dress shopping ( Appt on March 23rd) 
  • Take Spring engagement photos and update wedding website
  • Find a caterer



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