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On the first day of the year, I sat down and wrote down my words this year. One of my words is intentional. I want to make sure that everything I do has intention behind.  Especially when it comes to my brand and when I'm blogging.  During my last two courses of my Bachelor's Degree, we researched different businesses to understand their business strategies have affected their companies growth. Along with that research lied their mission and vision statement.  For example, I researched Starbucks the whole semester and I was intrigued by their vision statement and their business strategy. Your strategy is what makes you different from others in your field. There may be many people in your field of work but they won't be able to deliver the message or product like you. I'm not saying you should compete but remember when you feel like playing the comparison game, DON'T.

Once I was done with my courses I was thrilled with all of the knowledge that I gained during my last two courses. I decided to curate my own mission and vision statement.  You can also say this is my "WHY"  I'm doing what I'm doing.

I aspire to Inspire
Confidence, Passion and Style


The purpose of my blog and brand is to show that no matter what happens to you in life that you can keep going.  You can beat the odds against you and you can overcome anything that comes at you.  You don’t have to be defined by your mistakes, failures or what anyone has to say. Your worth isn’t validated by anyone but YOU…. You can do all these things with confidence, passion, and style….

I think it is important to have this set in stone because there will be days when you don't feel stuck. I've been there so many times it's crazy. But I always find my way back to my WHY.   During my research, I saw many businesses fail because they were used to doing the same thing over and over that they became stuck. But they decided to step back refresh things and try something new but still stay within their mission and vision statement.  Please don't be afraid to step back and re-evaluate your situation and your WHY. 

-      Ireana


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