She Believed She Could So She Did

"She believed she could so she did...."

Yes, this has been my motto for the past 3 years while on this journey of my Bachelor's Degree. There were so many times I second-guessed this degree because of what others were saying but it was just fuel for me to finish. I remember starting this degree in the Summer of 2016. I was transitioning into a full-time job that I've been longing for. It was like a confirmation for me to keep pushing to this degree.

After completing each semester I would think back when I thought I wasn't fit for college. But I could hear my dad's voice when I was in high school. He would tell me " If you just apply yourself then you can accomplish anything."

Well look at me I did it!  I walked across that stage and got my degree. Those Friday nights, when I would be locked in my room doing work when I'd rather be out getting a drink. All those times I wanted to just quit because that Accounting Class was kicking my butt... All of that is apart of the journey of success.

This has also taught me to cheer for myself and who is in my corner rooting me on. I want to say this no matter what anyone says if you want something, go out and get it. Believing in yourself is half the battle you've got to put in the work. It's never too late to go after what you want. Don't allow anyone to talk to out of what you want. Take their advice and measure how far they've come. My dad once told me how can you take advice from someone who never stepped foot off their front porch.

I hope this reminds you that you and do anything you put your mind. Always remember that if you apply yourself, you can make it happen.  This degree has been added to my list of great things that have happened in 2018.

Photography by: Shot By K.Marie



  1. Congratulations. You look amazing and your words remind me to never give up on myself.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes continue to strive and push through it all!!
      -Ireana <3


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