Soul Food Sessions & Coca Cola : The Table Is Set

Hey, guys, it's been a while since I tried a new recipe and brought it to the blog. I'm happy to be partnering with Soul Food Sessions and Coca-Cola Consolidated on this fun and delicious dish.

The Table Is Set: 4 City Tour With Coke

"Soul Food Sessions, a series of nonprofit pop-up dinners founded in Charlotte, N.C., was created to find opportunities to increase diversity throughout the food industry. Through a partnership with Coca-Cola Consolidated, your local bottler of Coke products, we are taking these dinners on the road to three new cities. The table is set for Soul Food Session chefs to display their culinary prowess and deliver on their clear and unapologetic mission to lead the conversation of achieving equal opportunity in the culinary field."

Soul Food Sessions has toured four cities: Charlotte, NC,  Washington DC, Baltimore MD,  and Charleston,SC being the last stop this month. Each city has a different recipe that will be featured during the main event.  New Orleans Grillades with Green Strawberry Relish is the dish that will be featured during the event this month in Charleston. Here's my take on this yummy dish.

New Orleans Grillades
This was my first time hearing about this recipe and I was so excited to try it out. With my workdays being so busy I decided to order my grocery's online at my local Harris Teeter. It was quick and easy to pick up after a long work day. If you haven't checked out online ordering service for Harris Teeter then I suggest you try it out. Once I had my groceries set, it was time to prepare for this yummy meal the next day.

I really enjoyed trying out this new recipe. I'll be honest this isn't your everyday type of meal but it's worth the try. It was a lot of work but it was so rewarding to see the end result.  I love cooking so when I was ready to take on the challenge of this new dish. Even though I had to make three waffles to the get right one I feel so accomplished with this meal. The flavors from the dish really does pair well  with an iced-cold Coca- Cola.

Your Seat At The Table

You have a chance to try this meal out during the Soul Food Sessions Charleston Edition. This meal will be prepared by these talented Chefs Mike and Shyretha Sheats, Jason Sherrill and Kevin Mitchell. Come out on October 16th at The Dewberry Charleston Hotel at 6pm. Tickets are now live on the website and you can CLICK HERE for tickets for the event.  Doors will open at 6:00pm and you should arrive by 6:30 pm for dinner to be served at 7:00pm. So grab your tickets so you can enjoy this dish and a coke.

Your seat is waiting........

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