SMAD-CON 2018 Recap

Hey, ya'll it's been a week since SMAD-CON has happened. I have officially got a chance to sit down and download all the information in a blog post. There was so much information given over those two days of attending the conference.

Day 1:

On Wednesday my boyfriend and  I checked into our room at the Hyatt House in Charleston, SC. This was the best decision I made and I'll tell you why if you keep on reading. But once we checked in we relaxed for a minute and I went to register and pick up my badge for the conference. That night they were having a meetup and Uptown Social across the street from the hotel.  So I headed there to meet up with my girls Telisha of The Fashionable Traveler, Angel of  Life of Angell and Narcisa of Socially Savy. Let me tell the whole night was nothing but laughs with these ladies. I feel a genuine connection with these ladies.  After chatting with it them for the night I headed to dinner with my love at Benny Ravello's and we got the biggest pizza. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to get slices but he insisted on getting the whole pizza ( that we both at once slice from that night).

The next two days were filled with so much information. Between the two days, I attended three panels that really interested me.  Day 1 enjoyed listening to the Personal Branding Panel with Nicholas Cole, Freddy Rodriquez @blueperk,  and Anna Mathias @annacmathias Each person is in a different niche but the information that they shared was vital. Here's what  I got from this panel:

On social media :
  • Tell stories
  • Give people something they can relate to
  • Build a relationship with your audience
  • Keep going
  • Don't do something that feels wrong
  • Stay loyal to your brand
  • Be honest with your audience when it comes to partnerships
Market Saturation
  • Create new ideas
  • Get out and off Instagram for inspiration
  • Be Consistent
Overall people vibe with authenticity!

On Friday sadly the last day it was a late start due to the rain. When it rain it floods in Downtown, Charleston. If you ever want to visit Charleston be sure to look out for the rain because of it just maybe a flood and the city will shutdown! But once everyone arrived it was time to get the show on the road.

The first panel was Grow Followership and I was really intrigued by this topic. I love that SMAD-CON featured new speakers because some of these speakers I've never heard of. But they are really doing major things with their brand. But today's speakers were Lexie Lombard, Courtney Brand, @greeneyedsoul , Emily Ariel Byrski  @empirestyleofmind and Jacob Takos. I really enjoyed their panel discussion, I was so pumped after there panel but here's what I got from their discussion:
  • Engage with your audience
  • The importance of authenticity
  • Engage in person and not just online
Grow Your Audience
  • Create
  • Consistent
  • Content is a major key
  • Create a theme
  • play on words
  • Don't use basic hashtags
  • Be sure to research hashtags


Overall I really enjoyed SMAD-CON! From connecting with new people to eating lunch with some local girl bosses. I also tried another new restaurant HoM on King Street. My boyfriend and I had dinner there on Thursday night and It was so good that my persuaded my friends to try it for lunch on Friday. I highly recommend giving them a try and their Bacon Fat Wings! 

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Lauren @lalatayellis 
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Hillary @hillheady

I wish I could give you all a play by play of the days but you had to be there to experience it. I'm looking to get out and attend more conference similar to SMAD-CON. If you missed out this year be sure to look out for next year.

Until Next Time,


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