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Happy Monday! Listen ya'll I feel like I'm on the ball with Monday Motivation post.  But today's topic is a little personal but it's worth sharing. This topic came to mind when I was listening to music on Saturday Night while planning blog content. A certain song came on and it reminded me of a situation I went through my junior year of high school.

While growing up my parents would tell me to stay focused and not to get so caught up with friends when it comes to school. I struggled with my school work and had a hard time focusing and applying myself. But this certain year of high school finally caught up with me. I was two credits short of being a senior but I had in my mind well I'll just attend Summer School and it'll be fine. But honey my dad had other plans for me. He sat me down one night in May and told me " Ireana you AREN'T  going to summer school this time around." I was so shocked, he finished by saying " There is a lesson to be learned in this." Y'all I was so mad and just angry at him.  Let's be honest I was young and thought I knew everything last but not least who wouldn't be angry. I would have to graduate high school a year LATER!  Once I found out that I wasn't graduating on time I shared the news with some of my friends I grew up with. A statement that a classmate had made really made me think "Dang I thought you were smart, you look smart."  Deep inside of me, I was like well am I smart? I was so worried about what my "friends" may have to say but seeking validation was one of the many reasons that got me in the situation I was in. 

But I GOT OVER IT.....  I realized that there was a lesson heck, several lessons in this situation...
My dad was trying to teach me that you won't always get an easy ticket out. What you want won't always be handed to you.  You HAVE to do the work and apply yourself. That if you're so busy worrying and trying to keep up with the JONESES you lose sight of what really matters. That you're gonna have to put in OVERTIME to get what you want and really WIN! Ace Hood came out with a song  "Overtime" that went with my situation.    I kept reminding myself during those extra months of school that this would make me a better person, not a failure.  DELAY doesn't mean DENIAL!

Looking back on it I wouldn't change a thing. I was taught a valuable lesson that still sticks with me til this day. A story that I can share with my future children and even story to students at my school. I'm not ashamed by my story because it has made me the person who I am today...

"-"It's shame your negative actions will OVERSHADOW the positive ones. But you stayed in school and did it!! WOW God Bless you" !!#SMARTISSEXY!!-Tyrese"
 (Another quote that motivated me after graduating)

I've never shared this story with many of you but I thought it was the right time to do so. I want to also share that no matter what it looks like keep going. NO matter if you have to put in the overtime to get what you want and need.  The real way to find out if you want something is to be challenged.  Starting today I hope you don't see your setbacks as failures but as parts of your journey. That just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's too late.
After walking across that stage I felt liberated! My dad hugged me after graduation and said,
                  " I'm so proud of you and I'm  glad you never gave up." - Daddy
  Daddy Thank You!

Happy Monday!
Until Next Time,



  1. Come through life lessons! Your dad is a real one ����

  2. What a beautiful reminder to never give up!! Thanks for sharing your story xoxo

  3. Nothing like telling your own truth! I love you girl, and I’m glad you were held back, you and I wouldn’t have become the best of friends for the 10+ years we’ve known each other!


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