5 Tips On Getting Through The Creative Burnout

For the last two months,  I struggled to stay motivated when it came to creating. I couldn't come to terms to blog or create. I'll be honest my regular content was boring me. I was getting bored with the same thing over and over. I also was frustrated about my side project Flourish. I felt like I let people down and it was a lot of pressure to figure what I wanted to do. But after stepping back and speaking to a few friends I was able to get through this creative burn out.

1.Take A Break

Don't  be afraid to step back a re-evaluate what's in front of you. I took a break from posting and scrolling on social media all day. Sometimes you have to unplug and live your life off of social media. If you feel as if you're scrolling and you start feeling pressured or feeling less than, then maybe it's time to give t break. I remember I felt so pressured to post on Flourish's Instagram but deep down inside I knew I wasn't ready to post.

2. Read A Book or Listen to a Podcast

Read a book thank can help you get throught this creative slump. I love reading books about creatives or self-help books. Also listening to Podcast can help you through this burnout and also help you realize that you aren't the only one. I'll be working on a few of my favorite books for a future post so stay tuned!

3. Find Inspo

I find reading magazines very soothing. Also watching HGTV and any shows that have to do with being creative. When I really feel do and out I watch the Devil Wear Prada or and Old Episode of Sex In The City.  Even though this is still a social media platform, Pinterest a great source of inspiration. But don't be so inspired that you become overwhelmed trying to imitate what you see. That is one quick tip I learned over the years.

4. Create your own projects, content and opportunities,

One of the many discourgaing things that caused me to become frustrated were the lack of opportunities. So I decdided to reach out to create my own. Create your own photoshoots, campaigns and ideas for your brand. Also don't be afraid to reach and collaborate with others.
 " Create what you wish existed."

5. Reach Out To Other Creatives

Don't be afraid to reach out to other creatives and let them know what you're going through. You maybe suprised about those who may have been in your same position. It's really good to link up with others who are in your creative niche. They may help you with this burn out and give you some really great advice on being stuck.

Thank you so much for reading this first post of #flourishbtips! I hope this has helped you some way and I look forward to your feedback.

Until Next Time,



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