4 Tips On Preparing For A Conference

Happy Monday! This upcoming Thursday is SMAD-COM and I'm so excited! If you don't know what is SMAD-CON I will be happy to share the details with you.  SMAD-CON reigns as the Southeast' s  most collaborative social media conference. This will be my first time attending a social media conference and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm looking forward to gaining a lot of information during the two days of this conference. But before I attend the conference on Thursday I need to prep for the next two days.

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1. Location

You got your ticktets, so you should make a decsion if you need to get a room or are you going to commute from your home to the conference.The location of the conference did change upon the days of the conference. So I needed to figure if I was going to stay in a hotel or just commute  from my house to the conference for the next two days. I made the decision to book a hotel close to the conference. The conference is about 30 mins away and between that and traffic I thought I'd save myself the hassle and just get a room. This will also be a little staycation and relax for a couple of days.

2. Plan Out My Outfits

This happens to be one of the best parts of planning!  But there is one thing I take into consideration when planning my outfits. That happens to be COMFORT! I want to be stylish but I also want to be comfortable especially if I'm going to be sitting the majority of the day. Also if I have to do any walking I want to make sure that I'm wearing a something that will be comfortable yet stylish. Like these looks:

3. Create A Check List

I find creating checklist very essentials these days. I'm a visual person and a checklist allows me not to forget what I will need before leaving the house for the conference. Also being that I will be staying at a hotel I most likely will be creating two checklists. One for leaving the house and another for leaving the hotel room before the conference.

4. Prep Your Essentials

Let's not forget the very important things you need for a conference. Here's a few essentials that I'll need for this two-day conference:

  • Tote Bag
  • Business cards: for networking
  • Laptop: to recap the day after the conference 
  • Notebook 
  • Ipad 
  • Camera or just use your phone
  • Portable Charger
  • Flats: just in case my feet hurt 

How do you find yourself prepping for conferences? Have you every been to a conference?
Stay tuned for more of whats to come of SMAD-CON!

Until Next Time,


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