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Last week Tuesday the fashion world lost an amazing icon, Kate Spade. I must say I was truly hurt by what had happened to her. I remember stumbling across Kate Spade back in 2013 while spending all night Pinning on Pinterest. I was looking for Great Gatsby (my favorite book) quotes and her items somehow popped into the feed. From there I fell in love with her brand.  I love everything about her brand, it was bold, classic, timeless and I could relate. I think anyone who loved her brand could relate.

All across social media, I see the lives that she had touched. I'm pretty sure she'd be amazed by the loved she received but maybe that wasn't enough. It said that she had well enough of 200 stores around the world. You would think she'd be happy but seems like she was dealing with more personal issues.

                 "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind."

 I hope her situation opened the eyes of many people. I hope it showed you that no money, fame or success can or will complete you. If you need help or therapy then sign up and go. I know in the black community mental illness or therapy is like TABOO. But honey God put these doctors and therapist here for a reason. You should check on your friends and family because you never know what they are going through. Even if it's a simple hello or stopping by to see them. That one small gesture can make a big change!

Don't be fooled by what you see on social media and or compare your life to someone else because it looks GOOD. You never know what they are facing personally. Don't get caught up the hype of you have to have this or that because that's what society says. Take your time because what's yours will always be yours

I know many people think what happened to Kate as selfish or why should we care. But maybe, just maybe someone you know is the same position Kate was in and you don't even know. Don't turn your head because you didn't know her or she was a celebrity. Because this could easily hit home for you.

With that being said take care of yourself, BREATHE, talk to someone, help someone, hug someone, love on someone and live your life!

"She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes." -Kate Spade


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