Denim Jumper

Hey loves it’s been a while since we’ve spoken but I’m back. Over the years I’ve shied away from jumpsuits due to my size and shape. I was afraid I wouldn’t have the “perfect body” to wear it. But I said to myself forget the rules and go for it. Ever since then jumpsuits have been my go to. Just like this one here from Old Navy. It was on sale for $17 if I can remember.  This is the second season that they have released a denim jumpsuit. I missed the last round of this denim jumpsuit but I made sure this time around I didn't miss out!

Photography: Jennifer Collins Photography
I’m glad I gave this denim jumpsuit a try because it is very flattering. I also like that this jumpsuit has adjustable straps with the elastic on the back for comfort.

#Armsoutthissummer  I normally try to cover up my arms but honey, not this summer!  I’m looking forward to rocking this jumpsuit this summer. 

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