Let's Talk Kimono's

 Spring is near and one of the many things I love to wear during this season are Kimonos. Don't get me wrong I love wearing them in the Fall and Winter. I find there are beautiful and bold prints in the Spring and Summer.

When you wear a kimono there is actually no wrong way to wearing one. I do suggest you find one that fits you perfectly.When I purchase a kimono I make sure that I am able to close it as in making sure it can wrap over my boobs like a wrap dress. ( If that makes sense). Also, it should fit freely on you not TOO tight.f I feel that a kimono is too tight in the arm area I make sure to size up. I have big boobs too so don’t let that stop you wearing kimonos okay!

How To Style  A Kimono

You can style a kimono with anything:

Any shirt will work that isn’t too busy. I like to rock a plain shirt or tank top under my kimono. The kimono is like the statement piece and you don’t want to take away from it.

I also like to rock graphic tees with kimonos as well.

If you want to feel taller in your longer kimonos, wear heels or wedges. Even a bootie with a heel.

Where To Shop For Plus Size Kimonos:
Forever 21
ASOS Curve


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  1. Thanks you so much for this post! My big boobs create such a fear for me with certain looks so thank you for the “work around” tip! I have a couple ideas brewing in my head, I might be bold enough to post them on IG


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