Black Southern Belle Easter Soiree


         I tried to find a way to start this blog post off the right way. But  I'm going to dive right in with all this magic. First off I was so excited to when I heard about this photoshoot. This photoshoot filled a void that this creative community needs. As a blogger, I've been to so many photoshoots and the lack of diversity screams so loud. When you see Black Southern Belle don't think that we've excluded anyone but celebrating. Growing up holidays were for my family to come together and celebrate. My mom, grandmother, aunts, and other women would sit around the table a discuss various of things. I admired that table so much, I wanted a seat so bad at that table. I would pull up my own chair and listen.  I would watch them laugh and tell family jokes. Now that I'm older I understand that table.

  " A Seat At The Table."

 If you wonder what that means? I'll be happy to explain it to with these beautiful photos. These ladies and I are all creatives. There are times when we are never invited to a table simply because of who we are. I mean let's be honest, it does happen because I've been there. Have you heard the saying "You Can't Sit With Us." Well, there are times when we all have experienced those types of vibes on an occasion. But not at this table, it was genuine love and compassion. We were all able to sit at this table express how we feel about life, our business, and our goals.



Yes, we have a hashtag! Not just for us but for every brown girl creative out there in the area. We have so much to offer just as the next. We're not begging to be popular but make a difference in the community. Show that little boy and girl that your skin color doesn't make you less than the next. That the world doesn't owe you anything but you've got out and work hard for what you want. That you don't have to step on someone to get to the top. That the "CRAB IN A BUCKET' mentality is just a myth and that there is room for us all to win. That you have the opportunity to help then HELP the best way you can.


I hope that this post has inspired you to recognize that there so much significance in REAL GENUINE  support. That you have a voice in this community and in this world.  There are times when you HAVE to create what is missing.  We shouldn't have to exclude ourselves and create our OWN criteria. But believe me, we won't mind doing it unapologetically. So now that we're in Formation I suggest you get used to seeing these faces. If you're reading this and feel "uneasy" about this photo shoot or the term "Black Southern Belle" then you would have to walk in our shoes to understand.

"Ima keep running because a winner don't quit on themselves." 

  Credentials: Venue: #hamptonpark
Photography: @anerisphotos
Event design/coordination : @papermeetspearl
Tablescape: @westelmcharleston
Attire/Jewelry: @thetinytassel
Calligraphy: @hatchcovedesigns
Dessert: @swank_desserts
Florals: @wearepetaloso
Rentals: @snyderevents
Makeup: @queenmelaninre
Catered Foods: @sob_catering
Cocktails: @Sociologiewine
Bloggers: @xoxoijoelle

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