All About The Maxi Skirt

You know I'm all about Thrifting right?? When I travel I make my mission to find a thrift store because every area carries different items. I found this skirt back in February for $2.99.  I love how flowy and comfortable this skirt is.  Some maxi skirts tend to be a little unforgiving but this one is just perfect.

I try to stay away from maxi skirts because retailers think all "Plus Size" women want a maxi skirt and a t-shirt. My style goes beyond a maxi skirt and a t-shirt. Now don't get wrong I'm only shaming the retailers, not the women who wear maxi skirts.

Now that I'm off my soapbox, take a look and see one the many ways I plan on rocking this maxi skirt.  Because if you know me, I have no problem re-styling an outfit.

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