Casual Holiday Style

 Even though Christmas is 2 days away there still maybe a holiday party that you're looking forward to attending. Or maybe you're looking for a Holiday Look to rock casually?  I came up with this last minute casual look that just may give you and idea on what to wear.

The Look
 I found this shirt luckily at the thrift store back in September. When I saw this shirt it reminded me of the shirts my mom would wear when I was younger.I normally try a glitz and glam look for Christmas looks but this time around I wanted to save it for New Year's Eve. This look still screams Christmas but I see it in more of a casual way.  If you're looking for more of a casual look, don't be afraid to dress up a pair of jeans with a nice blouse.  Adding the perfect pair of shoes adds the perfect touch. I scored a deal with the lovely Red Pumps for only $10.00 at Payless. I love how effortless and very chic this look came about. There are so many options when it comes to holiday styles! Just remember to be yourself and rock what makes you feel good!

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