Featured Blogger: Pink Hearted

Featured Blogger
Pink Hearted
"I want my blog show my that its okay to like what you like. Love what you love. Being yourself is the best feeling in the world."
 I'm here to feature a fellow blogger Pink Hearted. She's such a sweet heart and has a very chic sense of style. I got chance to interview her and ask her a few questions about herself and her blog.

 Who is Janella and who is Pinkhearted?
They are the same people just different sides of me. 
Janella is a wife, mommy, friend who makes sure everyone else around her is ok before herself. God fearing dreamer. Kind hearted.
Pinkhearted is driven by passion and love. Light hearted. Takes pride in being different and/or weird. Feeds off positive vibes. Closeted shopaholic.

 What inspired you to start blogging and what message do you want your blog to spread?
-I have been wanting to start a blog for years. I use to journal starting in middle school up until a year ago. I adore writing. The good, the bad & the ugly writing has been a saving grace for me in some way. I felt like it was time to take a passion of mine to the next level.
-I want my blog show my that its okay to like what you like. Love what you love. Being yourself is the best feeling in the world.
 Summer Must Haves
-A pair of boyfriend jeans and/or distressed denim'
-High waisted short
-Wide leg pants
-A white shirt shirt
-A bold lip color
-An amazing pair of shades(sunglasses) that it your face shape
-A pair of comfy, chic sandals
-a bathing suit that makes your feel confident. (a cover up if thats what you want as well)
 How important is self-esteem and self respect?
Self-esteem and self respect is very important. Especially in woman. I believe that a lot of bad decisions could be made due to low self esteem and no self respect. To love yourself and know your worth makes for a confident woman. 

What have you learned about blogging so far and what are you upcoming plans for you blog?
If its nothing you don't have a passion for then you shouldn't be doing it because I've learned that it is definitely hard work. I have felt a new, indescribable feeling of pride every time I finish a post and go back on the blog to look at it. I love what I do is 100% from my point of view. 
Up and 
Coming plans for my blog??? First I want to be able to establish the voice of my blog. I know it may sound weird but at some point I want to do a fashion with strangers segment where through out the week if  I come across someone with an outfit that caught my attention I get to take a picture of them and detail their outfit. I also want to do a fashions for less section where I do mock ups of j.

 Janella thank you for allowing me to feature you on my blog. I can't wait to see what you and your blog have in store!



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