Weekend Fashionista

 Weekend Fashionista

Ciao, I'm back with another Weekend Fashionista. This series features Fashionista's of all walks of this Earth. 
 This Weekend Fashionista catches my eye with every post on Instagram and he's an inspiring person. I've never met him in person but he comes off as a very humble person.  He's an Stylist in the making and I must say he is on his way honey.   Dominiquee Fuller is his name but who is  Dominiquee Fuller:

"I am a guy that have the ambition to love fashion & everything within it. At age 10, I began to realize how important style & clothing became my talent and future career. Since growing more into fashion I declares myself as most people know The "Prince of Fashion"

Who Inspires The " Prince of Fashion":
" My inspiration would definitely have to be June Ambrose; love her to death!!! From watching her show a couple years back, l learned how she strategically made celebrities look amazing & have such dignity in her certain style pieces. She makes styling so much fun & easy. One thing I remember her saying is "Style is what you make it. You're born with that skill, take lead & style on!" I have other inspirations such as designer Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, etc."

 Spring & Summer Trends :
"For Women: Metallic wear, Mesh, Full Flowy Skirts, Platform heels, dazzling jewelry, 90's & 60's street look, power clutches. For Men: Oxford shoes, Floral prints, casual bags, tailored pants, Mid-Century style, please bring back the GLADIATOR sandals for men!!

 I also wanted to know  how would he style me for a Night on The Town based on what  the outfits I post:
"As I look at your style, you are truly chic, but so modern sophisticated like Gabrielle Union. So I thought this would be such a lovely piece for a night out"

The Fashion Prince Fashion Tips
For anybody that truly admire fashion always try to keep up-to-date with daily trends. UNIQUE is my major source that keeps me from dressing like others! Most of the time it's okay to have a similar pattern item , but add a different style to it --MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME! You would be amazed on how the outcome turn out to be. Dress what defines you."

 I love the set he put together for me! He's truly an inspiration  & I wish him nothing but the blessing in his future. Go after those dreams, it may seem silly to others but it's YOUR vision. Stay tuned for the next Weekend Fashionista!!


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  1. This just made my day , such a blessing to see this. Your blog is absolutely amazing


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